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James Routh is a highly creative and versatile freelance dubbing mixer. He offers professional audio mixing and audio editing on a scale and budget to suit your production requirements.

James' skills range from a simple voice over recording to a complex 5.1 mix. James operates from his home Pro Tools studio or can also bring his audio equipment to you and work alongside your editor, to speed up the production process.

Prior to James' work at ITV Studios, Leeds audio post production facility, where he was involved in some of TV's favorite shows, including nostalgic ITV1 dramas Heartbeat and The Royal, and fantasy ITV drama Lost in Austen, James worked with ITV Yorkshire's location sound recording team.

James is diverse in his work. He also applies his audio mixing and audio editing skills to radio, sound installations, iPhone apps and anything else that requires creative sound.

Contact him now on 0779 654 7678 or email

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If you have any questions about Freelance Dubbing Mixer, contact The Dub on 0779 654 7678 or email

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